The City with a Majestic View

Tiburon, a magical city by the bay. Surrounded on three sides by the magnificent San Francisco Bay, everywhere you look in Tiburon is filled with a breathtaking view.

Tiburon real estate is as stunning, offerings world class designs attracting buyers from near and far. Many of the estates have spectacular views of Angel Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco skyline.

Many of the most amazing homes hang right over the water. But all the homes are located in a gorgeous natural environment. Tiburon over the past fifty years has had one of the best and most consistent returns on real estate investments anywhere in the world.

Tiburon downtown is filled with restaurants and trendy boutiques. There is also the daily Ferry service to the Angel Island.

My wife and I go there often, to enjoy lunch or dinner by the water and to take in the stunning views of the bay. We did so again this labor day weekend but this time, we took some pictures that we would like to share with everyone.

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