The Most Secret Places in Marin County

Marin has many tourist attractions, but it is also well known as a place that likes to keep a low profile, and may not always welcome all visitors. Marin County has some places where the owners would rather visitors not show up, especially unannounced. In fact, visitors may find themselves detained if they fail to stay away. While these places don’t welcome visitors of any kind, they are still an essential part of what makes Marin County special.

Skywalker Ranch

George Lucas may well be the most famous resident of Marin County, but his Skywalker Ranch, the place where his special effects companies Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound do much of their work are off limits to casual visitors. It takes a lot of dedication to even find the ranch, as it is located away from the cities, off of an unmarked gated road. It is purposefully in the middle of nowhere.

Many have tried to drop in on the happenings of the ranch only to be apprehended by security. The private property is only for VIP’s and invited guests. Few movie secrets ever spill out of the ranch until show time.

Marin is a great place to visit, so long as you are on your best behavior and avoid going to places where uninvited visitors tend to get apprehended instead of welcomed.

San Quentin Prison Solitary Confinement and Death Chambers

While most inmates are allowed to have visitors, there are parts of San Quentin that are almost entirely off limits to everybody. This even includes the occasional celebrity to visit one of the country’s most infamous prisons.

Deep inside the prison complex are two areas that are among the most restricted anywhere. The solitary confinement unit and the so called death chambers, where California conducts executions, are mostly off limits. While inmates on Death Row, those awaiting execution, can have visitors, prisoners who are a danger to themselves or others inside the prison often cannot. These prisoners are put in solitary confinement and are by themselves for as much as 23 hours a day, occupying a single cell.

The area where executions are handled is off limits to most tours, and even Metallica was not allowed in the area when they came to the prison for a concert and to shoot a music video. However, visitors are welcome at the prison gift shop where a variety of souvenirs can be purchased.

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