From Milan to the Stanford Shopping Center

Since its debut last year, the Luisa Spagnoli store in the Stanford Shopping Center has been a big hit. To celebrate the early success, the store is hosting an incredible Chocolate event in partnership with the world famous Perugina Chocolate Company on April 22nd from 4pm to 7pm.

Luisa Spagnoli’s First World Class Venture

The Luisa Spagnoli name and brand may now be synonymous with stunning women’s fashions, but the clothing fashion line  was not Spagnoli’s first venture. Before she ever designed must-have women’s  ensembles, she first started a gourmet chocolate company, in her hometown of Perugia, Italy.

Mrs. Spagnoli partnered with the already successful Buitoni family and together they founded the Perugina Chocolate Company, which quickly rose to critical and commercial success with Spagnoli’s magnificent invention of the Bacio candies. These chocolate and hazelnut candies are now in demand all over the world. It was this candy that launched Perugina into the stratosphere and eventually  attracted the attention of Nestle.

The Spagnoli family eventually sold the Perugina Chocolate Company to Nestle and devoted their full attention to the development of the Luisa Spagnoli fashion brand.

Straight From Milan

Nestle and Spagnoli still collaborate on different promotional events. In September of 2016 the two put on a Vogue Fashion Night at one of the Luisa Spagnoli boutiques in Milan. It was a big success. The event proved so popular with Italian customers, that Spagnoli is bringing it to the Stanford Shopping Center store for one night only.

The April 22nd Event

On April 22nd from 4pm to 7 pm a maître chocolatier will be on hand to make fresh chocolates in the windows of the Luisa Spagnoli store. The maître chocolatier will be Viola Buitoni, herself a direct descendant of the famed pasta and chocolate family, now a renowned food educator and author. Customers will get the chance to see how some of the best gourmet chocolate in the world is made, and even more importantly, get the chance to sample some of the fine chocolates.

The maître chocolatier will also be answering questions and telling stories. This may be your best chance to watch a master  at work. The night promises to be an amazing event of food and fun. If the event in Milan is any indication, people will be lined up outside the store for the chance to taste some of this premier chocolate, as well as to shop at the boutique.


This event is for a special one-night engagement. Don’t miss the chance to experience some of the finest fashion and chocolates that Italy has to offer. Make sure to arrive early, as everything ends at 7pm.


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