Sausalito, CA

2017 Production – $45,600,000

I want to thank all my clients for their trust in me and the opportunity to be of help with finding their dream home as wells as obtaining the best financing option available.

Real Estate:

Over $23,600,000

20 Transactions

Financing (real estate & refinance):

Over $22,000,000

32 transactions

Some of the reviews:

“We ranked Behzad highest in all categories and you will too if you choose to enlist him as your Realtor! My husband, Dennis and I had our house on the market for nearly two years, went through two realtors which left us totally sad and confused as to why our house was not selling. We felt there  was tremendous value in the location and neighborhood, however the previous realtors treated our home like a number instead of selling the VALUE of our property. Behzad is not a miracle maker, he can’t sell a house for more than its worth but his expertise and professionalism positioned our house to be sold at a good price. He kept us calm (selling is stressful!) while all kinds of emotion ran through us during this process. Behzad assured us, helped us stage the house via his wonderful wife, Afsaneh, LISTENED to what we needed and negotiated all the way through, even after the initial contract was signed. Never releasing our hand throughout the process. YES, I highly recommend Behzad, if you want to work with an awesome, professional Realtor and a wonderful human being!”

“This is the 4th time Behzad is helping me purchase a property. He is very professional with a lot of patience. We were looking for our house for about 1.5 years and Behzad stayed with us making sure we finally get what we envisioned. He helps you find, inspect, get loan, get the best deal, ….., a  one stop shop of experience. In our case we even had IRS transcript issue which he showed us how to resolve with IRS, not too many agents know this. Our offer day & time coincided with a Warriors final game which he ended up missing because of this. Overall can’t ask for anything more, at the end you have found an excellent agent who is also your friend.”

“Behzad was fantastic to work with. He sold my home in less than 3 weeks and was so laid back and calm throughout the entire process. Behzad was extremely helpful to me and took care of so many things that needed to be researched and done to help me out. He guided me and taught me a lot and it  all worked out so well. I can not say enough positive things about Behzad Zandinejad and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“To be a Buyer with Behzad, from the VERY beginning, you get the sense that YOU are his ONLY client as responses are THAT immediate. He will text you right away. His innate desire to find the BEST house in the BEST location for you happens after that first ” What EXACTLY are you looking for?”  answer. He seems to intuit whether you see homes AS THEY ARE or can reach that VISION of making them more to your liking, and then HONORS your skill level. Never feeling pressured, never feeling that you are in any way over-stepping any time-limit, even after seeing EVERY house that grabs your interest, he helps you find that house. All negotiating the twists and turns of multiple bids, disappointments and new bids, he finesses the BEST offers and wins you that home. SOLD!”

“Simply put Behzad is a “pro” in what he does. With his guidance from finding the house and his vast knowledge and insight of the market in the Bay Area he guided and helped me find and choose the right site and the right financing. He knows his craft and knows it well. He shepherd my deal from  start to end with constantly having me informed and educated trough it all. I’m sure my deal would have not happened if it wasn’t for his guidance and know how’s.”


Behzad Zandinejad

Broker Associate

A Top Producing Agent


Bayview Residential

700 Larkspur Landing Circle #199




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