Sale Of Mansion Breaks All-Time Record in Marin County

Marin County real estate is in high demand and inventory in Marin is still the buyer’s greatest challenge. Last week the historic estate Locksley Hall in Belvedere with over 9000 Sq Ft in living space sold for $47.5 million breaking all records of previous sales. According to Curbed SF, that’s $22 million over any previous

Mill Valley Home with Heavenly View!

Mill Valley real estate is one of the most sought after, not only in Marin County, but in the country. The school district is top rated; the walking and hiking trails and the scenery with majestic Mt. Tam peaking above the clouds and its beautiful downtown are all the reasons why Mill Valley has been ranked among the top ten places to live in the United

The Fed doesn’t know what to do now!

While employment and housing are improving, global economy, specially China seems to be in trouble and the Fed is caught wondering what it should do. I believe if China problems persists and its growth is further hampered then we could see lower rates in coming months despite indications by the Fed that it could start increasing

These California Cities are in The Hottest Real Estate Market

A recent report by has named several California cities in its top 20 hottest real estate market in the nation. Among the determining factors were how many times a listing in the particular city gets viewed by a consumer and how many days a listing is on market before its sold. The listings in

1 in 4 Americans Say this is the Best Investment

(Image by Sotheby’s International Realty) A new survey shows that more than one in four Americans (27 percent) said real estate was the best investment for any money that they would not need for at least a decade. Cash came in second with 23 percent of investors, only 17 percent said the stock market is

Existing Home Sales Increase to Highest Pace

(Image by Sotheby’s International Realty) According to the National Association of Realtors®, existing-home sales increased in June to their highest pace in over eight years, while the cumulative effect of rising demand and limited supply helped push the national median sales price to an all-time high. The report expands that total existing-home sales1, which are

Uncovering the Origins of Marin County’s Name

Marin is one of the original 27 California counties. It was created months before California was formally admitted as a state in 1850. But, the source of the name for the county has always been in doubt. Two major stories have competed almost since the founding of the county as the true origin story for

The Secrets of Angel Island

Long before the arrival of Europeans, members of the local Miwok tribes would come to the island to hunt, fish, and gather food. The island provided a plentiful buffet, serving up salmon, acorns, and various birds. The island held a special place in the tribe’s way of life and livelihood. Once the Europeans began arriving,

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

Marin County had watched as San Francisco grew into a world-class city just across the narrow Golden Gate Strait. While the residents of Marin were never interested in the kind of  growth that had shaped San Francisco, many were eager for the economic development better transportation between the county and the big city would bring.

The Most Secret Places in Marin County

Marin has many tourist attractions, but it is also well known as a place that likes to keep a low profile, and may not always welcome all visitors. Marin County has some places where the owners would rather visitors not show up, especially unannounced. In fact, visitors may find themselves detained if they fail to