Ross: Small Town Luxury

Ross is one of the smallest towns in Marin County. It has a population of just 2,400. However, unlike many other cities and towns in the U.S., Ross does not have any plans to encourage growth. Almost everyone in Ross thinks the town is perfect the way it is. Instead of growth, the residents of Ross are concerned about preserving their heritage and unique community spirit.


Dedication to Preservation and Conservation

One of the first ordinances the new city of Ross passed in 1908 made it illegal to cut down trees within the city limits without first getting permission from the city. This type of land use law was unheard of in the early 1900’s. But, the citizens of Ross are grateful for the foresight of those early town leaders. Today Ross is covered with a full green canopy of ancient trees.


But, it isn’t just trees that are preserved here. Ross also has several historical buildings that are in beautiful condition. The Town Hall is still in the same building that was original constructed for this purpose in 1927. The post office was built in 1958. Both of these public buildings are stunning examples of why it is important to preserve buildings that are both historic and beautiful pieces of architecture.


Many historical private homes are also well preserved in Ross. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s many of San Francisco’s leading citizens constructed elaborate vacation homes in Ross. Several of those 100 year old mansions are still being lived in today.


Despite the efforts of many developers, the residents of Ross continue to keep their community small and tight knit. Unique zoning and land use laws make a large-scale residential development project impossible. Many of the large multi-million dollar homes in Ross are difficult to see because of local laws that encourage homes to blend into the natural environment.

Local city meetings are well attended and the community is always ready to rally around its school. The school in Ross serves children from kindergarten to eighth grade. High school students either attend nearby Redwood High School or a private school. Redwood High School is one of the best high schools in the nation, consistently a leader in test scores, graduation rates, and Ivy League college attendance.


Small Town Life Next to a World Class City

The average household income in Ross is $171,250, making it one of the most affluent cities in Marin County. Many people love Ross not only because of its proximity to nature and small town feel but also because it is only 18 miles from San Francisco. The people of Ross have the best of both worlds: Small town life and easy access to the shops, restaurants, and entertainment of San Francisco.

Homes in Ross do not come onto the market very often, and when they are listed, they sell quickly. If you are interested in moving to Ross, make sure to have an experienced Marin County real estate broker with connections to the area help you find the home of your dreams.

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