Marin County Housing Market Report – April 2023

Tiburon, CA

Marin County housing market continues to display strong demand and limited supply, resulting in high property values and increased competition. Key drivers of this market are the county’s proximity to San Francisco, desirable natural surroundings, strong job growth, and excellent schools. With limited available land for new developments, the demand for housing is expected to persistently outpace supply.

Market Indicators:

Median Home Price: As of April 2023, the median home price in Marin County is approximately $1,450,000. This represents a 5.5% increase from the previous year.

Average Days on Market: Homes in Marin County are spending an average of 25 days on the market before receiving an offer, indicating strong buyer demand.

Inventory: The available inventory of homes in Marin County is currently low, with approximately a 1.2-month supply. This tight supply has contributed to competitive bidding situations and increasing home prices.

Sales Volume: Marin County experienced a 7% increase in home sales volume in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

Submarket Analysis:

Southern Marin: This area continues to be a popular choice for those seeking luxury homes and waterfront properties. The median home price in this region is around $2,000,000, with demand significantly higher than in other areas of the county.

Central Marin: The median home price in this region is approximately $1,250,000. Proximity to San Francisco, strong schools, and vibrant communities make this area attractive to homebuyers.

Northern Marin: This region offers more affordable options for homebuyers, with a median home price of approximately $950,000. Demand in this area has grown steadily due to its affordability and expanding job opportunities.

Challenges & Opportunities:

Limited Supply: Marin County’s geographical constraints and strict zoning regulations limit new housing developments. As demand continues to grow, existing homes may continue to appreciate in value, creating challenges for first-time homebuyers and those seeking affordable housing.

Rising Interest Rates: Rising interest rates may impact affordability and dampen the overall demand for housing in the county. However, it is essential to consider the region’s overall desirability and economic strength when predicting the long-term effects of rising rates.

Remote Work Trend: The increased adoption of remote work has allowed more people to consider living in Marin County, contributing to the increased demand for housing. This trend may continue as remote work policies persist and evolve.


Marin County housing market remains strong, driven by its prime location, natural beauty, excellent schools, and job opportunities. Limited supply and high demand have contributed to rising property values and increased competition among buyers. Prospective homebuyers and investors should consider these factors and stay informed about local market trends to make informed decisions.


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