Boosting Curb Appeal With Manufactured Stone Veneer

Boosting Curb Appeal With Manufactured Stone Veneer

If the outside of your home is not attractive you will have a much harder time selling it. People will never appreciate the spacious floor plan or the remodeled bathrooms if they are not attracted to the outside first. Many sellers are reluctant to sink significant amounts of money into the exterior because they worry about getting their money back when the home is sold. However, there is one cosmetic change you can make to the outside of your home to that will significantly boost curb appeal and won’t wreck your budget.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Provides the Highest Return on Investment

Remodeling Magazine recently ranked how much value different home improvements added. Manufactured stone veneer was the top improvement for the outside of the home. In some markets homeowners received a return on their investment ranging between 108% and 163%. The sellers put a lot of extra money in their pocket by making a simple improvement.

Why Does It Provide So Much Value?

Manufactured stone veneer is such a solid investment for homeowners for three major reasons.

  1. The stone look is visually appealing and gives the impression that home must be worth more.
  2. Manufactured stone is lightweight, durable, and much cheaper than natural stone.
  3. Manufactured stone is easy to install and is available in almost any color or texture.

When people approach a home with manufactured stone veneer, they are drawn to the beautiful colors and rich textures. They are not thinking it must be a veneer. They are thinking that it looks nice. It automatically makes buyers value a home higher.

Because of significant improvements in materials and the manufacturing process, the veneers will last a long time. Sellers will not have to worry about changing the veneer until many years down the road, if ever. Because the manufactured stone veneer is so much lighter than natural stone it is cheaper to ship, buy, haul, and install. All of these savings are passed on to you as the end purchaser.

It does not take a lot of skill or time to install a high quality manufactured stone veneer. You can order a veneer in almost any color or texture imaginable. This makes it easy to find the veneer that matches your home perfectly.

If you are thinking about selling your home, one of the best ways to raise the value of your home is to improve the curb appeal. Manufactured stone veneer gives you the ability to create a beautiful, custom exterior. It also allows you to invest in a project that will more than likely pay for itself, and then some, once your home is sold.

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